Leeds Method Report

Has anyone tried this report? I get one blank page for everyone in the list, and then the last page with the report.

Yes, I’m not having good luck with this. I’ve entered ~65 of my DNA matches, and have associated a half dozen or so with each other. I’m not getting the results I thought I would. Was wondering if I need to finish the whole list and get everyone associated in order to get a better report…??

Can you open a support ticket with the details, and a backup of the database so we can check it.

Yes I am having a similar problem. If i lower the threshold i get plenty of blank pages before the one page that has anything showing on it. On a higher threshold (i have hardly any big matches) i get coloured squares all over the page. Some colours seem to be duplicated but in separate columns rather than all the blues in one column and all the orange in another etc. Very confusing so far.

Thanks I am going to hold off on that until I work with it more. I feel like it need to have more relationships added to make it work right. I don’t want to put you through a lot of trouble only to find out it’s “a nut loose behind the controls” (me).