Descendant Chart - Duplicate entries and missing lines (v8.1.5.0)

Some people show up in the report twice even though they exist in the database only once. Some times relationship lines are missing. This can be repeated in more than one .rmtree file. Running all the ‘Database Tools’ (‘Test Integrity’, ‘Rebuild Indexes’, ‘Clean Phantom Records’, ‘Compact’) does not change anything. This never happened in v7. NOT COOL!

In the attached example:

  • ‘Ruby Edwards’ and ‘Charles Elihu Edwards’ show up twice.
  • Many relationship lines are missing

To fix the issues, I run the report, do a screen capture, open it in Photoshop, crop out the duplicates, add my own lines, then print.

I have had something similar of occasions. In each case it has been a linkage problem when I have added, eg, added a mother with child/children to the father. The children are left with father unknown AND their actual father. Ensure that the children do not have two ‘fathers’.

I see the problem. However, it shouldn’t be a problem in a genealogy software program like Roots Magic v8 that should be able to handle the scenario.

Roots Magic 8 gets confused if you have a father/daughter relationship defined, but no mother. In my case, I DO NOT CARE WHO THE MOTHER IS and I don’t want her in my report. What if I don’t know who the mother is and I want to run a report, anyway? YOU GET MISSING RELATIONSHIP LINES! I have to create a DUMMY mother just to make the chart look right?

It seems the report needs to build a relation line between parents and children (-----) that start in the middle of a marriage relationship line (=====). No marriage - missing child line in the report and also duplicate people showing up in the chart. THAT’S A BUG

Rootsmagic 8 Relationship Chart also suffers from line problems: the vertical line between boxes is too narrow and cannot be adjusted - see attachment.

Also the Relationship Chart L/R Margin control doesn’t appear to function correctly: either not working on low values or freezing with higher ones.