Is there a way to print the Quality of Citations per person, and the fact Proof?

Hi, I’m working to clean up my database, after years of entering data and learning along the way. Is there a way to print out a report showing the Quality of Citations per person, and the Proof for each fact? I’ve found the Individual List report, but it doesn’t show what I’m looking for. I’d like to not have to scroll through each citation for each fact for each person.
Thank you!

I don’t think a report such as you describe is available.

I keep thinking I should start using Quality of Citations, but the Quality of Citation information seems to be too unmanageable to bother with. I don’t seem to be able to run reports against it, to search for it, to make groups based on it, or anything like that.

Quality of Citation does have to specified on a citation by citation basis in the Edit Person screen, even when citations are reused in RM8. That is a good thing because the same citation can be of different quality for different facts. But for example, you can go into the Sources tab, select a Citation, slide into Citation Used, and see all the places where the citation is used. But from there, you cannot see the Quality indicator for each use.

Yes, that is what I’m finding about the Sources, Citations and Quality. I am wondering if it’s just not worth going back through everything to add the Quality label. Thank you for your input!