Quality of Citation

Maybe it is just me, But when I paste a citation such as SS, it goes with the name, birth and death of the person. Yet, when I copy the citation, when it gets pasted, I have to re-enter the quality of the source. That’s 3 extra clicks on every past. Do that with a census of a household of 10 people and you start cussing, pretty quickly. HELP

The quality of each fact might be different even if the source is the same for each different fact.

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Is there a way to override? Doesn’t seem to matter if I copy or Reuse. That is a huge pain in the a$$

You know cweese, the more I think about what you said, the more I tend to agree. Immigration manifest is accurate on arrival date but birth may not be. I guess RM7 allowed me to be lazy. Thanks for showing something new :grinning:

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. Citation quality (Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary) not only varies for each fact or person being documented, but the designation seems both subjective and arbitrary.
. In addition, since that info is NEVER available in reports, I consider a pure waste of time to make & document those decisions.

Excellent point. Social Security indexes come to mind. I label birth and death as secondary but others may not. However, my point was, using SS as an example: If I label it secondary/indirect for the record, I believe it would be identical for the birth and death. Hence, quality should be able to be copied,If one wishes, they could manually change it.

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