Individual Summary Report fix request

In the attached Individual Summary Report:
–It printed the wrong fact type label for the 1880 census–“(fam)-Son Census-son” . It is not a Family Census–it is a plain census. (This error was also repeated in his brother’s Individual Summary Report.)
–While not an error, I find the fact type labels for the 1860 & 1870 census confusing. “(fam)-Son Census” was called “Census (fam)-Son” in RM7 which was more understandable.
Please fix these.

I should have said the error was in RM9.

The labels for Census and Census (Family) in RM7, RM8 and RM9 are identical for both standard and Abrev. You must have copied and created your own custom facts or imported them from some place else since the label “(fam)-Son Census-son” is not found within the provided facts for a new database.

It sounds like the Census (family) fact for the parents has been shared with a person in the role named Son. However, I don’t understand the repetition of Census and Son.

I did not create a fact or import any.

I am talking about how these display in a Report not in the database. Apparently my attempt to show a screen print of the report did not work.

When I run the Individual Summary Report for this person in RM7, it generates the correct fact type labels. However, when I run it in RM9, the labels for each row are different.

In fact, the 1880 census incorrectly lists it as a family census when it is just a census. However, the 1940 census for this person is displayed correctly as just “census”.

That’s why I am requesting an error that should be fixed.

Here is my 2nd attempt to display a screen print of the report.

the the word fam in parentheses (fam) coupled with the word Son capitalized (which is a created Role name) is only printed in ISR that way for Census (fam) fact of Parents shared to male child.

It is supposed supposed to only print that way, but in my report, it erroneously printed that for a Census fact (not family, no son).

I am trying to report a bug and request a fix. Is there some other place I am supposed to do that?

Typically a “bug” would be experienced by more than one user. No one is reporting same, so your best bet is to submit a request for support Submit a request – RootsMagic Support and share a copy of that database along with a description of your problem and maybe a link to this forum discussion.

Thanks for the suggestion kbens0n.

Also I should have said the incorrect report label was for a Census fact with a son. (His father had died, but he was in the census with his mother. So it was not a family census.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest running Command Pallette->Database Tools (all four top to bottom) before submitting request for support.

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@GailG–how many census do you have there? 5 or 4?

Also there was a post recently by Kimberly Green abt how to post a screen capture-- How To: Take a screen capture & use in this forum (and elsewhere)

personally I just snip it then go to the message and hit PASTE in the drop down menu…

please let me know how many census you have on the above shot you posted

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There are 5 censuses for this person. (I corrected the date for the 1856 census to read May 1856.)

My reading of the screenshot now is that

  • it is from the Individual Summary for the son of Nicholas and Juliana
  • the line spacing caused you to misreport the name of the fact
  • the first three are Census (fam) fact type assigned to the couple and shared with the son in the role of Son
  • the fourth is the individual Census fact type for Juliana also shared with the son in the role of Son
  • the fifth is the individual Census fact for the subject person

As far as I can tell, apart from the wonky line spacing, the report is working as designed.

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@ TomH-- you beat me to it— good job!!

So you all can see what Gail and Tom are referring to here is a copy of one person in my file from RM 9 – notice the listing of 1871 UK Census- Daughter

then the same person in RM 7

So @GailG – the name of your fact is correct Census ( fam) Son-- it’s that we need to request that the RM 9 Individual Summary report ( and RM 8) be corrected so that they line up like RM 7 as RM 7 had no problem putting 2 April 1871 U K Census- Daughter all on 1 line-- perhaps @rzamor1 is listening???

I see now that the line spacing caused me to misread it.
TomH was right, but nkess was not correct. The 1880 census is supposed to be
Census-son, not Census (fam)-son.

Problem resolved, although report spacing could be improved.

deleted my comment related to the database view


I had this ready to upload yesterday BUT decided it was NOT necessary since TomH had figured out the problem – since you still think that the 1880 census say Census( fam) son, thought I would post it-- you said there were 5 Census facts —all Census facts start with the word CENSUS UNLESS you have a customized fact like 1861 U K Census