Importing from Family Tree Maker 2006 too Rootsmagic

I am working on importing my tree from Family Tree Maker 2006 (version 16). I was able to import it into Rootsmagic 7. I was not able to import directly to Rootsmagic 8 or 9. Should I have been able to? I was able to import from Rootsmagic 7 to 9, after going to 7 first. Importing the same tree from 7 to 8 gave me errors…

I don’t like the interface of any of the newer Family Tree Maker versions and i have tried most of them,

From the Rm9 Help

One of your options under “Other Programs” is FTM 2014 or earlier.

This is for the PAID version

Ok. I do not have the paid version of RM 8 or RM 9. I only have the free version of RM 7 and I was able to import from Family Tree Maker in RM 7,

It is supposedly available in the free version of RM9. You must import into an empty database.

FTM 2019 (updated in 2022) has a better interface than RM9 and is a stabler product. MacKiev unwisely does not offer a trial version.
Ignore RM8 which was the pre-release version of 9 the first real version.
Windows import offers more choices. On mac you really can only use a gedcom or if desperate a download from ancestry.

Please note that “a better interface” is a purely subjective evaluation.

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Difference is not very subjective here. FTM shows everything in a useful big picture fashion with one click to focus/detail. RM9 shows bits and pieces and it takes many clicks to get anywhere else. All other mac genealogy programs are far worse than either of these with tiny fractured displays that are essentially useless.

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Thank You! I have taken another look at FTM 2019 and that looks promising to be workable for me. I had issues with the colors on the other versions after 2006 as they were too hard on my eyes.

First you Need To Upgrade your family tree maker 6 to new version ftm 2019 software. Then you can easily Import into RootsMagic Program. If you are using Older version of RootsMagic Software then you
To RootsMagic need to upgrade your RootsMagic 9 and then you can I,port Easily.

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Whether you import from FTM to RM7 and then upgrade the database to RM9 OR import directly into RM9, the results are the same (or should be).

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On windows RM7 can import from FTM 2014 and earlier with better results than via a gedcom. Later versions require a gedcom.

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