Import a Tree from FamilySearch progress window

What is a “Family” as tallied on the Import a Tree from FS progress window? Is it normal to have more Families than People?

As the import progresses I see more and more times when the name is changing but the People count is not incremented (sometimes the Families count is incremented without incrementing the People count) – does that mean the person is already in the DB?

Glen Gunselman

I wouldn’t say its normal to have more families than people but you are downloading 34 generations at this point and that can make for a lot of duplication especially with royalty lines. You probably have parents with multiple links to the same families. I personally won’t import anything past the 1500’s on FamilySearch.

The import completed after 3 days plus a few hours (used more than 200 CPU hours).

If looks like the import stopped after 100 generations.

Count Trees shows one large tree (120088) and 19 “1” count trees.

After playing around with the DB for awhile I checked Publish/Online/FamilySearch Central and found that RM8 was counting “new information”. I checked this multiple times over a couple of days and currently it shows:

That suggests that nearly every record no longer matches FS.

Is there a practical way to limit the age of people imported from FS or is a matter or trial and error?


Those that were imported will show as Matched, they will also appear on the “What’s New” list. Once they are viewed on the FamilySearch Person Tools screen they will drop off that list, until something new is added. You can click “Reset” if you don’t want to view them all.

The FamilySearch import gives the option on how many generations you want to import. That is how you restrict the “age” of people coming in. Assuming “Age” means the year born.