Images in RootsMagic 8

Thanks and yes I should have written FTM media folder. I will proceed so that my media files is not buried in FTM folders and somewhere more logical.

In a sense, the “trick” is very similar to what you are already doing. It’s been described several times by several forum contributors in various RM forums.

Suppose you have a media file you wish to rename that has not yet been renamed from outside of RM. Without going through every single detail, follow your procedure as if your media file were already unlinked and you were going it to relink it. The important steps are steps #3 and #4 of your procedure. These steps actually take you outside of RM and into Windows. While you are in the Windows list of files, you can rename a file. I would emphasize that it is Windows that is renaming the file, not RM.

So in your steps #3 and #4, highlight the current name of the file you wish to rename, rename it, and select (e.g., double click) the name name of the file. You are done. You can do the “rename it” part while you are in Windows by using the F2 key or by right clicking the file and choosing the rename option.

RM itself will not realize you have renamed the file. It will think you have replaced the old file with a new file. Only you will know that the old file and the new file are same file, just with a new name.

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Thanks so much @thejerrybryan!!!

I always rename the file first and then relink, and am pleased to know that I can also rename the file via RM (but within Windows) - I think this will hasten the whole process a bit too, and will provide extra surety that I am actually renaming and relinking the file that I want to rename and relink.

Thanks once again for all your assistance and patient sharing of knowledge - much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

One way to get around the jerky scrolling on mac is to use list view in Media. This shows broken links clearly and you can compensate for the jerky scroll.

However, after a gedcom from FTM to RM8 I had 8 broken links that were just fine in the media folder and FTM. RM8 was also unable to see media file in some folders until I copied, duplicated, etc which must be another bug.