Ignore sources from Ancetry with Tree Share

Is there a way to ignore sources from Ancestry when using TreeShare.

I know if it is an existing fact and you are just updating it you can ignore the source but if it is a new person or new fact the source automatically come across.

I personally prefer to use my own source templates so don’t want to bring the generic ones through from Ancestry, it is helpful to bring through all the facts/new people though to save time.


Enter the person in RM first then upload to Ancestry.

In FTM 2019 the merge operation lets you discard each fact and also sources if you uncheck the keep source box. RM8 probably does the same.

I know that’s possible, but if I have added information in Ancestry I am looking for a way to use TreeShare to get it into my tree that doesn’t require me to manually enter everything first (as the issue happens when sharing new facts as well). Manually entering it all first defeats the whole purpose of using TreeShare in the first place.

I would like the option to share everything except sources…

You can discard sources for existing facts in RM8 but not new facts/people with Ancestry TreeShare