Identifying predefined Fact Types

Is there any way to tell if a Fact Type is a predefined fact type or one I designed myself, other than trying to delete it?

Create a new empty database file and you will see the list of builtin facts, source templates etc.

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I was hoping to avoid that & hoping for a way when I was selecting a Fact Type from the existing list

The Delete button is greyed-out for built-ins.

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This will not help for your current modified or created fact types without renaming them but may help for future use.
I prefix any fact type I have modified or created with a ~ (e.g. ~MyFactType). This causes all these to list in a group at the top in the fact-type list.
Thank you KBENSON for your suggestion re using the greyed out button. This helps to identify the original ones!

You could do a query in SQL. Builtin facts have id s less than 1000

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that was going to be my suggestion

Thank you all. The greyed out button is so hard to see on my monitor I would never have noticed it. Prefixing the created fact types was something I had considered and have now gone back and done - very useful having them grouped.