How to search for Association

i use association for different reasons, but is there a possibility that i can search who have a specific ssociation types ?

Jan Bullee

Jan - only thing I see that comes close is by using the Association Icon ( last one in the row for pedigree, family, descendant view etc – an o with 4 lines coming off it)-- it will give you the 2 people involved and roles-- once you pull it up- click on RELATIONSHIP ( in green) and I think it will put it in alphabetical order…


I tried making a group and it gives you a list of people BUT not what the association fact was and no way that I could see to pick a specific association…

You can review Advanced Search if you have used key words in either notes or description. Or try a custom report. It has more available fields that include Association date, description, note, other person, place, place details, role, and type.