How to create a test database

Can I make a copy of my database in order to try out features? How? Ideally I would be able to select either my test or production database when I log in.

Assuming RM8 …
Take a look under the File menu > Tools
Select Copy
Make sure you name it sufficiently differently

Personally I put any test databases I have in a different Directory, imaginatively named TestDatabases :slight_smile: and make darn sure the names are different, AND the colour (that’s in settings somewhere)
As for selecting which to open
if you have your settings set to open last used databsase that’s what will happen, unless you had it closed when you shut down.
If you don’t RM should give you the option of selecting from your recently used databases, or navigating to the one you want
so as long as you have recently used both, they should be in that list.