How to create a custom list showing a Fact Type and all the people to whom it has been attached

Please give directions for creating a list which would show all the people whose records include a given Fact Type. (For example, Obituary.)

Publish->All Reports & Charts->Fact List->List Type->People with a fact type:->Fact Type->(choose given Fact Type name here)

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Often there is more than one way to find query results like you are requesting-- reports, groups, and searches. Here’s a way using advanced search and RM8.

First off, I should note that Obituary is not a standard Fact Type. But, if you made a custom fact type called “Obituary” you could create the list of all people with an Obituary fact using the Advanced Search feature.

Select “Search” on the left menu, then select the second search icon, which is “Advanced Search”. then click the “Find” button and scroll through the list to the custom “Obituary” fact that you made. (Hit “O” to jump to that portion of the list more quickly.) The filter you want is fact type = Obituary, exists, Is True. Then select “OK” (Image attached). You can highlight a person and click the “Go To” button to edit that person.

Take a look at the choices in the drop down menus and you’ll see that Advanced Search is quite powerful. Also, I created the screenshot in RM8. RM8 searches stay showing in the Search window until you do a subsequent search or shut down the program. RM9 search works the same and also allows you to save your searches, to make it easier to pull up frequently used lists.

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Thank you so much! This works beautifully.

Thank you. These steps worked well.