How is Narrative Report constructed?

I’m trying out the free version of RM9 - I’ll probably buy soon.

I’m curious about the Narrative report, having seen the video of creating a new Book.

How is the information in the narrative report created? It’s not from Notes, because those can be included/excluded. Also, how is the layout of the narrative report decided - eg where images and text go and wraparound etc.


Info for the narrative reports comes from the facts you have entered and any spouses and kids ( and any facts you have added for them–so if a person had no spouse or kids and you don’t have other facts for them, it would just be born and died…

As for pictures and text that is built into the report–not sure abt wraparounds

You do have some options and sizes you can set for certain things

Thank you. That seems very impressive! Presumably you can then save the file as an editable one - like Word, and adjust it?

Thanks again.

Yes, you can save it in Word and then edit the report text. Click on the Narrative Report “save” icon and you will be offered a choice of output format.

Thank you. Very helpful thread.