How do i enter twins?

Is there an easy way to enter TWINS? I sure am having a hard time figuring it out! There should be a box to check if two siblings are born on the same day to show they are twins!!

Why should there be? You have two distinctly different individual, frequently of different genders. Twins should be entered just as you would any other two children.

I add a note to the respective birth facts. For John Doe, the birth note might say something like “He was the twin of Jane”. For Jane Doe, the birth note might say something like “She was the twin of John”.


I write Twin. in the description field. If you want to do more of that, you could write Twin with …(name of the other).

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I enabled the description field on the birth fact and added “as twin of xxx” in it.

Beside all the suggestions above, I have included twin in their name
Jane ( twin) Doe/ John ( twin ) Doe

Thanks for all your responses. My goal is to be able to find twins easily. I have two brothers that are twins, and one of them has one set of twins, while the other has two sets of twins! :slight_smile:
Again, I appreciate all your help! I’m still learning!

You could create a “twin” group which would be easily retrievable

Good idea! Thanks - I’ll do that!

There are many scenarios about twins. Some times records will show confusing info if you did not know two were twins. Often in the early 1900’s only one survived birth. Some approaches will only work well within RM - shared facts (Custom) for example

Well each to their own of course but unless (twin) was actually a part of their name then I most certainly would not include this. I regard the name fields as being the place to put a person’s name - not to add notes or descriptors.

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A followup on the excellent idea of creating groups to identify twins.

I occasionally create a new Fact for the purpose of being a marker. I use it to identify my French-Canadian ancestors who came over as “Marriageable Girls” (a specific type of immigration in New France), or the English ancestors who were part of the Puritan Migration; as reprehensible as the practice was, I have a fact to identify those five ancestors who owned slaves.

I then created groups that picks up anyone who has that marker-fact. The same thing could be done with twins. It’s adding an extra step, but it allows me to be sure that the group has everyone identified with the marker, no matter how many times I may want to re-index the group.

Adding “Twin” to the name was a great option when genealogy was all on paper. In the computer age adding such descriptors will interfere with search results, merging, etc.


I put (twin) in the Suffix

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I created a Twin Fact. I add it to one of the twins, and share it with the other person, selecting the “sibling” role.

The sentence templates are:

Principal: [Person] is a twin< with [sibling]>.

Sibling: [ThisPerson] is a twin with [person].

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