Find twins -- create list or group

I can do this outside of RM - but I really do not think there is a way to do effectively within RM – want to find all persons with sibling (or with same FamilyID) that has the same Birthday (mm-dd-yyyy), I can do this outside of RM – for example in FTAnalyzer – if has same birth in same familyID (and/or Surname). I could also do with Sqlite. (or dump into other software that has method)
Just wondered if I was overlooking something in RM. Ps. this would also include triplets and more (but in most cases twins)

I can’t think of a way to do that in RM. I have added twin in the birth description field so I’m able to search and find mine that way.

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Thanks – yes my plan is to create (Share Birth Fact) with Twin (or Triplet) Role.
I do understand that Shared Facts may not work outside of RM and not work with TreeShare.

However, I needed the list to do so. One option/workaround is Family Tree Analyzer & Excel (Pivot Table). 2nd for me was to use Family Historian (which has great query language)


This is not as slick as a SQL query and requires multiple steps but it works within the RM toolset.

You could create a custom report with name, rin, dob and export to excel. Then use Excel’s tools to find duplicate DOB values – pivot on DOB and examine all records where count DOB>1 or sort the workbook by DOB and add a formula to look for cells where the DOB repeats in consecutive rows.

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Actually I thought of that but good suggestion and work around.

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I created a fact called Twin as I have many sets of twins in my family and which I can use in a custom report to find all twins in my family. When entering the description I put Twin of ???, where ??? is the name of the Twin.

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You can easily create a group then create report and such from the group (or you could use a color in a color set (one color for twin another for triplets for example).
Replace “Arrival” with “Twin” and make sure use Exist IsTrue

for me I would do in SQLite and manipulate that way