How can I Restrict Webhints?

I have a family tree listed on

How can I restrict those family details appearing on Webhints.

If you are talking about preventing other users from seeing your tree as Webhints, I don’t think you can. MyHeritage does do privacy filtering for living people.

If you are talking about preventing your own data from being provided back to you as Webhints in RM, there is a Webhints option in RM for MyHeritage hints where you enter your email address and then it will filter out hints from your own MyHeritage tree. The option is under Settings => WebHints and the MyHeritage hint options are at the bottom of the screen.

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The 2nd paragraph is what I am after. I am glad I asked, as it’s frustrating, thinking you have some new details. Only to find it’s your own.

A huge thankyou