Help on how to split up an existing RM tree

I have a RootsMagic tree with 600+ people in it, roughly 50/50 split between my partner and my respective sides of our families. As we are not married and have no children, we decided to create a fictitious “Home” person, and have us both as the parents, with our respective sides of our families then shown from there. This was just so we could have one tree.

But as time has gone by, despite this working well for us, there are times when we wished we had created two separate RM trees.

What would people recommend as the best way to split an existing tree into two separate trees? For example, what would happen if I simply did a right click (on the fictitious Home person) > Unlink > Unlink from parents?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Regards, Alan

P.S. I am using RM in Windows 10

If you unlink your fictitious home person, your RM database will suddenly contain three trees - one for your partner, one for yourself, and one for the fictitious home person. Under those circumstances, you might as will just delete the the fictitious home person to get your database down to just two trees.

But I wonder if what you are really asking is how to separate your tree and your partner’s tree into two separate RM databases. If that’s the case, then you need to create two new and initially empty RM databases. Then Drag and Drop your your tree into one of the new databases and Drag and Drop your partner’s tree into the other new database.

Wiki article on Dragging and Dropping People