Help File for RM 8

I am a new user of RM 8 and cannot find a help file in the program. Is there one?

No, it has been replaced with the on-line wiki
RM8 Wiki

Note that the wiki is a work in process, incomplete and not a good replacement for a real manual. The latter was a strength of RM7 and gave users a good overview of program features. Amazon and RM may still have copies of the 2015 manual (paper…pdf).

manual $8

The RM8 webinars are another good way of getting an understanding of the way of getting around, and then a more detailed look at specific aspects. Takes time but worthwhile.

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The Home tab has a box marked ‘Help and Support’ with links to both the Wiki and online Webinars. Hitting F1 when a database is open will open the Wiki, F2 opens the Command Palette that aids in finding commands used within the database. The Command Palette is located in the uppermost right-hand corner of your program. It looks like a painter’s palette. There are also links to this forum and Facebook for community support. Good luck!

Possibly because the program is a work in progress…


Webinars are useful BUT Bruce does them with Windows and so avoids the trauma mac users experience when attempting the same features (ie task folders and not able to select or delete after created; repeated RM8 crashes if you blink).

Comments on function key shortcuts are generally Windows specific since modern macs use function keys for other actions.

The online Wiki is fine as long as you are online …

No use whatsoever if you are at the local records office with no online access …

Either have a printed version or a downloadable version for when you have no internet access.

If you want something for offline try downloading the wiki using something like HTTrack website copier. It’s available for Windows and Mac and free. You can view the pages locally on your computer without being online.

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Thanks folks! All good stuff for a newbie.