Half-siblings, how to treat

Can any one help please with a conundrum. I have a (male) cousin who did not marry and they had a child, the mother went onto marry someone else and had another child, I believe this would still be a half sibling to the first child. Now if the mother remarries yet again (spouse died) and has another child would that still be called a half-sibling?


To be in a half-sibling relationship, the individuals must share one parent without sharing two parents. In your scenario, the one mother would have three birth children with a different man being the birth father for each child. So if you take any two of the three children and compare them to each other, they will have a birth mother in common without having a birth father in common. Hence they are half-siblings.

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Hi Jerry,

That’s the second time in a few days you have come up trumps, thank you. I must be going through a “Senior Moment”, it did not make sense. Keep up the good work for us…Bob