Groups and saved searches

Is there a way to create a new group using a saved search rather than entering criteria all over again in the new group window?

No. I think it has been requested by someone else and is an obvious shortcoming in this rollout of a new feature along with lack of support for family, ancestors, descendants, mark/unmark, nesting of criteria, nesting of queries…

If you select Free-Form as the Group, under Mark you will find the Saved Searches.

That worked–Thank you. I did check the group section in the manual but it did not mention the Mark dropdown list under freeform.

Do all the new manuals have faint dim print? Mine is hard to read due to the dim text and small font.

My copy is barely legible as well. Hope ther is a solution.

I opened quite a few databases in RM 9 and have had no problems with faint dim print-- as for fonts, you can change the font size up to 150 % in the database UNDER settings BUT you must open one file to do so-- and then close RM 9 down for it to take effect…

as for faint print or dim print – kbens0n reposted RobG fix RM9 display unclear - #2 by RobG

Thanks @kbens0n as I couldn’t find that message either and Thanks @RobG

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Hi nkess - I think Rooty is talking about the printed manual - not the RM9 program! The ‘fix’ that I posted is for when RM9 on screen looks a little blurry and the type isn’t ‘crisp’.

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