"Group" question

I would like to create a report containing just people in a Group. It can be a simple list by name

It would help if you included the name or type of report that you want. Otherwise we are just guessing as to the directions needed.

I want a list report of the people who belong to a group which I have labeled manually. Example:
Mayflower Group. I am unable to define it any better than that.

When I go to “search”, there is no choice for “Group” as a “field” so I cannot find group members that way. I was hoping there was a way to use “Publish” to capture a list.

It sounds like you just want a list of names in which case an Individual List might be appropriate. Untick all facts under “Information to include” and “Other”, Change List Type to “Select People” and in the “Include ?” box select your Group. This will give you a list of members of your group.

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YES!!! It worked.
Thank you so much