GRADUATION appears twice

In the advanced search drop-down menu, the fact GRADUATION appears twice. I reported this to the Department of Redundancy Department in New York, New York. They said it has already been reported before.

Since it’s not like this in my Windows version, it must (edit:might) be Apple-specific. A couple years back, this forum post listed fact-types and there it showed that many facts had a second relatedly-named fact-type whereby -witness was at the end of each fact name. It’s probably not related… just throwing that out there.

Create a new empty database and see if that Drop-down list shows two Graduation fact types. I posit that it will not.

I suspect that your problem database has both a built-in Graduation and a user-added Graduation fact type. Inspect the Fact Type List. If you see two, the second is likely the custom one. Change its name to “GraduationXXX” and then use the Tool ‘Change Fact Type for Everyone’ to change all instances. Then you can delete it from the Fact Type List.


my guess is that it does not have the same recid # (within table). There might be away within RM to combine them but you would need to be caution to correctly – such as rename to Grad1 & Grad 2 then combining – I have never done this so I can not advise

it might also depending on witness roles and sentences