Gazetteer Problem

In the Places screen and after finding the required place is anyone else failing to get any response when clicking the ‘Paste to place’ button? This feature seems to work ok from the people edit screen but not for me in the Places screen. Any help gratefully received.

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The programming flaw here is that it does not match RM7’s behavior (offering Copy to clipboard) instead of Paste to place when not in the Edit person screen.

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I’m in the latest version of RM and am in the place list with reversed order in an effort to clean up and standardized a small data set.

  • Click on place in list -

When I am in a place there is no simple link to look up in gazetteer.

Click on dots, choose gazetteer – which opens blank rather than with the place I have selected.

Type the place into gazetteer and click on the selection from the list. Click on Paste to Place. Then the gazetteer closes without doing anything.

I’m at a loss. What am I doing wrong here?

It gets even worse. If I click through to edit the event, the gazetteer works but it creates a new place instead of updating the existing one. Now when I return to the place list I have to merge the place. Good. So I type a place part in the search to show the items. Click on the good one and select merge places. The list that comes up shows the entire list again and the search there doesn’t seem to work so if the two you want to merge are not next to one another you have to do some digging.

Here is what I have figured out:
From an event there are two buttons next to the place just as there were in RM7 but they don’t act the same.
Search button opens gazetteer, but any changes you make will create a new place.
The Select Place button opens a list but only allows you to select an existing entry, not update it.

So, you must start from the place list and open the event in order to use the gazetteer.
Paste from the gazetteer to the event, copy it to clipboard and cancel changes to the event.
Go back to the place list and paste the changes to update the place.

This seems not to have been thought through very well.