FYI - Website possible


I did a crude experiment this weekend.
It is possible to query the RM SQlite DB from a WordPress site. Now this is would not be a simple project. You would need to know SQL queries, parametrized queries, PHP, and of course WordPress .

However, for me this offers some exciting possibilities. Curious if anyone else has played with this successfully or otherwise.


Some of us don’t see any really exciting possibilities in that. Maybe you might explain why you think this is so interesting??

Well if you have no interest in having a website to display and/or share Family Tree info – you likely would not find it interesting or exciting. Currently I use TNG Next Genealogy to build my website. In my opinion its the best out there. (see link below) I have tweaked some things added “Mods” but there are many things I would like to do that would be difficult to implement with risk having issues with any future updates breaking my tweaks. Updating “database” is “dynamic” but requires a Gedcom export (from RM or other software) followed by an import, plus a few clean up tasks. The database is MySql which some may find easy to work with. MySql has a different structure than Sqlite.

Asking the question “Why is this exciting?” well… you could ask the same to a person about why is RM exciting or working on FamilyTree or genealogy. I can use PHP code snippets to query info and display without having to code as much PHP, CSS and so on.

After I have build out the pages, and code snippets … when I want to update the website with the new info RM has – I simply FTP or upload the new RM database and everything is “instantly” updated with the new RM info. I have virtually unlimited (only limited by my abilities) of how I can display info.

Some one can go to your website and see all the ancestors / descendants of George Smith / cousin and so on.

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I am glad you finally figured out what you can do. However, the reason this is not exciting is simply because I do use TNG already, and since it imports a GEDCOM of my data, I can already query the database that it creates…been able to do that for a long time now. I just figure you must have some new and exciting ideas and what to do with the data that you query.

I have a vision…
I will let you know…lot of ground work to do.

I do lots of queries against SQLite databases, but keep in mind for RM’s database you’re going to need to get an extension to handle RMNOCASE, which may be an issue depending on where you’re hosting. Probably a LOT simpler to use TNG which will easily deal with your GEDCOM from RM, give you a full tree without much work, and it’s running inside wordpress.

You are correct-- TNG does a great job giving a full tree. I only plan to access a copy of the database, and it would be read only access / queries. I was curious if anyone else gave it any reasonable explorations or evaluation. So I guess I will figure that out after build some ground work. I was not suggesting that this is something most would be interested in.