"fspell not valid" error message

I just downloaded and opened RM9 on my Windows 7 64 bit desktop which has Word 2013 installed. The error message “fspell not valid” pops up and I have to click it four times before it goes away and I can access the database. Any suggestions on how to correct the problem? Is my Word 2013 too old?

This is apprently a known issue with Windows 7. RM9 uses the Windows built in spellcheck which changed between Windows 7 and 8 and being a new release, RM9 is looking for the new version of spell check. Tech support has advised the development is aware of the issue.


That’s good to know, because I have the same problem in Wine, which can be configured to act like Windows 10, but doesn’t come with the spell checker that does exist in the official Windows 10 and 11 as distributed by Microsoft.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s OK to be informed about its absence once, but not 5 times each time when I start the program. It’s not a fatal error.

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