Running RM 9 on Linux/Wine

I just installed the new RootsMagic 9 on Wine, version 7.0.1. It runs fine, but when I start the program, I get 5 pop-ups that tell me “fspell not valid”. These pop-ups do not show up in Windows 10.

When I run Winetricks, I see no DLL offered with anything like (f)spell in its name, but I can find some DLL’s with fspell in their name in my Windows installation, and they don’t exist inside the Wine Windows folder.

Any idea about which DLL’s are needed?

In the intro video, Bruce says that the spellchecker is native to Windows or MacOS. Maybe that gives you a clue…

I bet it does, because that means that I can look for files with interesting names inside my real Windows folder, and see whether Wine can work with those.

I have the same problem with Windows 7 Pro install of Version 9. I had no problems with Windows 10. Reboot and reinstall of RootsMagic 9 was no help. I contacted tech support but they are on the way to RootsTech but were notified per the chat person.

OK, that’s nice to know, because it may lead to the name of a Microsoft spelling package that I can also try to install in Wine, which can be set to act like Windows 10, but doesn’t have those native spelling components.

I have never known of a spell checker in win 7.

OK, I didn’t know one either, but it would help to have a downloadable one.

I got RootsMagic9 to work today on a Kubuntu 22.04 system.
I installed the 64 bit version of RootsMagic9, as I had already converted my database in the virtual installation and copied the file over to the Wine install once I had it running.
PlayOnLinux gives Wine a bit of a GUI.
My Wine version is 6.17 (64 bit). Made the Wine Configuration be Windows 10.
The fspell error is a missing dll named:
I copied a version from a virtual installation from:
and pasted that file into the same location within the Wine installation.


OK, that’s nice, thanks! I tried several other files, after seeing their names in wine logs, and even tried hacking the registry, and nothing helped.

This file does the job, in Wine 7.0.1.

I’m using winetricks here, because that gives me a better sense of control.