Floating point error with RM8 update

I updated to the latest RM8 now can not use the publisher. I get a floating point error. Any help on resolving this? I am using a MacBook Air.

More detail is likely necessary. Does clicking Publish at least show the Publish, Print, and Share screen (with Reports and Charts/Books/Online/USB Drives and CDs subsections)? My version gets to there fine without error. What choice(s) in that screen lead to the error message?

Thank you, I get to the menu and I can choose what to add, When I click the publish report it give me the floating point error.

What are you choosing so I can try the same?

With a narrative report I can choose. when I choose generate report is when I get floating point operation error. I do not have this problem with any other report

Try closing out all databases and reopen just the working database (or try from a different database). Try varying the Report Type or lessening the Generations or unchecking other settings. If it continues, file a problem report at RootsMagic for followup help.

Thanks I will try those things