Find My Past Hints Action

I’ve recently noticed that the radio buttons to either accept or reject a Find My Past hint appear to have been removed.

When I initially look at a hint I’m taken to this screen:

However, when you select the “review” option on one of the records, the record displays, but there are no buttons (that I can see) to action the record. From memory, there used to be “accept” and “reject” buttons and these used to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Or confirm that they are missing. Thank you!

I just checked and the accept the accept or reject buttons upon review are not missing for me,

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The bottom bar sure looks like it could be a popup but not sure. Just a thought–you might want to try a different browser to see it it works. Or check your browser settings.

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Thank you so much @OleSeminole. I’ve not done anything like change browser settings before (had to Google how to do it), but I’ve just managed to change from Chrome to Edge and I’ve now got the “accept” / “reject” buttons back on the Find My Past hints! I’ve always used Chrome and haven’t had a problem - I wonder why it suddenly changed? Anyway the problem is all fixed now - thanks so much for all your assistance!

(And thanks for checking @alainemk - I thought it strange that no one else was reporting the issue and it seems like it was just my browser!).

Chrome and Edge are both based on Chromium. I suspect you can fix Chrome by clearing Cookies from findmypast, or, in the extreme, clearing the cache and all data so it gets a clean start like Edge just did.

Thanks so much @TomH - that did the trick too! I reset Chrome to the default and cleared the browsing data (which included cookies) and now the radio buttons are back again with Chrome (which I prefer using). I’ll keep all this in mind next time anything “odd” happens. Thanks once again to everyone :smile: