Where does the information go

On a family tree I can see the little light bulb when I click on it I’m shown how many web hints are available and when I click on the web hints for my heritage (I am a member)I click on one of the hints and confirm it is a correct hint how do find the information that the hint showed.
Regards Ray

Click on the orange Review Hint button. Whatever you see at that point is the hint. The data is not entered into RM automatically for MyHeritage Hints. You will need to type it into RM.

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thanks for your reply

Need to clear my original data, I know how to get to the hints when I click on a hint it shows information that I can accept or reject if I click on accept it then disappears what I want to know is where has that hint information gone.

An Accepted hint should not disappear. It should just be marked as Accepted instead of as Pending. Are you seeing Accepted hints disappear completely.?

If all Pending hints are Accepted, they should still be there and the light bulb will change from yellow to clear. Well, in RM8 and RM9, the “clear” light bulb looks bluish to me.

when I click on confirm and go back to the hints the hint has disappeared and the colour of the light bulb has changed as you have said