Find Everywhere has a glitch, as does reports

When I search for a word or two in Find Everywhere (RM9), it displays the results. After clicking any of the blue links such as “Research notes,” it opens the totally wrong person’s Edit Citation screen. I have to click on “Research notes” about 2-3 times before it will open the correct Edit Citation screen.

I also noticed some publishing settings not working correctly when generating a report for a Pedigree Chart. I have to click Generate Report a couple times before it will generate the report showing the settings that I had just changed.

Windows 10

Regarding the find everywhere and blue link clicking,. I had exactly the same problem and submitted a bug report.
However it turns out that I had a search term entered in the results page’s filter field. Once I removed that, the blue link has always lead to the correct search result.
I think this aspect of the design is crazy. Just invites confusion.