Filtering tasks by specific Priority

In the absence of anything else I can ascertain, I group my tasks by priority (e.g. I may want to work on my maternal grandfather line, so this is priority 5). This works well until I want to see just those tasks for that priority. Unfortunately, the otherwise excellent filters available for tasks do not extend to priorities: it’s only tasks with at least a priority of X that can be chosen. Would it be possible to select just those tasks for a specific priority?

There isn’t a way to filter to a specific priority number. However you can sort the Task column on priority by clicking on the column header. So filter up to at least the priority you want and then sort on the column.

Thanks Rene, that’s what I thought. I’ve raised an improvement request as it’s inconvenient if you have scores of tasks.
Moreover, and further to your advice, there doesn’t seem to be a sort facility when you print the task list though.

The Task List report does have a sort by: Priority option. Another option is to add specific Tasks to a Task Folder and then select to print all tasks in that folder.