Default task filter

I was wondering when saving a task filter whether we could assign it to be the default filter. Presently, the default filter is all.

I have a filter named ‘Active’ that includes everything, except for completed and cancelled tasks. When I go to my task list, I need to select ‘Saved filters’ and apply the ‘Active’ filter on each restart of RM9. This effectively hides the cancelled and completed tasks.

I looked in settings, and couldn’t find any default filtering options.

I found an alternate method for the above - I created a new folder called ‘Active’ and assigned tasks that I am currently working into this folder (using add to folder) .

By selecting this task folder, I am shown a smaller manageable list of tasks and by using multiple folders, my rather long list of tasks are more organised and I no longer need to use filtering.

I didn’t realise that a task could be in multiple folders. Learning new stuff everyday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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