Overall task status at a glance

Is there a way to see the overall task status in RM8 for a person similar to what RM7 has? In RM7, you can tell if all the tasks assigned to a person are completed by a green checkmark in the task icon to the left of the selected person’s vital information at the top of the screen. I’m cleaning up tasks now in RM8 and having to look at each task assigned to a person to see if it has been completed.

Three dot menu in Tasks has Filter Tasks as its first choice. I see Completed as a checkbox option. Click and experiment.

Thanks. I see this in the Task screen. I’m trying to clean up tasks from a person’s Edit screen, and don’t see any method of filtering tasks from there. What I was hoping for was an indication of whether or not a person’s tasks are completed without having to open a person’s edit screen and select each task to see status. Also, my task names do not include the person they are assigned to. If that was so, I could do the filtering from the Task screen.

Solved. Just discovered that by selecting an individual in any of the People views (Pedigree, Family, etc.) and then clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right portion of the display (next to the Tools icon) one of the drop-down choices is “Show tasks for selected person”. This switches to the Tasks view and filters by person to show the tasks and statuses.