Feature Request: Show in RootsMagic button on FamilySearch share data screen

Hi - It would be great to have a button on the FamilySearch share data screen that closes the FamilySearch Person Tools and switches to the default people view with the person focused from the name list in FamilySearch Person Tools that was highlighted. Alternately - or in addition - have a show in RootsMagic/go to button on the Edit Person screen from within the FamilySearch Person Tools. There’s no easy way to get to the person in question from the FamilySearch Person Tool in the RM database.

Thanks for considering this request.

If you open the FamilySearch Person Tools screen from the icon in the Info Box or on the person tools next to a name in the Family or Pedigree View it will return to them when you are done.

Hi @rzamor1 - Having the focus return to the last person before opening the FSPT is a great feature. However, we’ll often move between people while in FSPT and want to switch back to a Pedigree or Family view for a person. It allows access to more context beyond what’s presented in the Edit RootsMagic person screen within FSPT. Adding the button wouldn’t break the current default behavior. It would just provide a choice for users in case they want to start working from that person forward in RM.