Feature Request for Enhanced Properties List

In Tools/Other Tools/Enhanced properties list I see, for example, 6 user defined fact types or 7 fact types needing sentence template. How can I find what these user defined fact types are, or which ones need a sentence template. I feel there should be a (view) beside each of these, or better yet a chevron > at then end of each ‘Enhanced property’ line like most of the panels in other parts of the software use.


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I’d like to think that the arrival of this enhanced properties list was spurred by my SQLite query dating back to 2010 and still providing more information than this new one.

There are some simple SQL queries that can be made to find the guilty parties and it would be great if there was hyperlink to take you to the Edit FactType for each one. That latter bit is UI design and is the far greater challenge to develop.

For now, you must get into the Fact Types List and step through each one looking for the warning message.

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I should add that if you have shared events and set up custom roles, there might be sentence templates missing there. They are even harder to find as you have to actually open the Fact Type Editor on a selected Fact Type, select each role in turn to see its sentence. Again, it’s a pretty simple sqlite query to find them…