RM9 - Tools tab

Can I make another couple of suggestions?

First, the new Enhanced properties list is great, but it shouldn’t be hidden away right at the bottom of the Tools list. File properties are already summarised on the Home Page so I think the Enhanced properties list should be in a new Home Tools group on the Tools Page (between Database Tools and Person Tools seems a good place).

Secondly, also in this Home Tools group I would like to see an fully editable Policies note. Let me explain : it’s clear from other comments that many RM users (myself included) have developed their own method of doing things which they then try to apply throughout their database(s). An example from my own way of working : I generally use modern place names as this generally makes the story more relevant to today’s reader; but I have chosen not to do this if it’s particularly important to maintain consistency with the underlying historical record. So, I have a person mentioned in a published book who did missionary work in Sindh, India in the 1860s. I have used this book as a source citation and, for the sake of consistency, have stuck with India as an RM place - even though Sindh is actually now in modern-day Pakistan. I would like to have a Policies note where I could record this choice (and others of course) in RM itself (rather than, as now, in a separate Word document). A Policies note would be a personal reminder, an easily accessible guide for future reference (it’s surprising how often I ask myself ‘Let me see, how do I do this?’). It would help encourage a consistent approach throughout the database - and that’s important I think.

If this Policies note could also be printed as a report, and published as a chapter in an RM Book, that would be the icing on the cake!

Confirming the placement of the Enhanced Properties list has been reported to development.

I’m not sure of the “policies” note. It sounds more like something that belongs as a Place note on the Places page. Another option is using Tasks to hold general items and practices for your database.

In regards to your “Policies note”, have you considered using the Task List to add a task that you use to note database wide processes? This kind of carries over from what I did in RM7, but I have a task named ‘*Fact Sort Order’ and in the Goal/Details field I added a list of Sort Dates that I used for various facts. In my case, these are 4 digit numbers to force certain facts that have dates to sort at the end of the Fact List. I give my my Task a Ref# which I can then later filter on for printing a Task List report. The * at the beginning keeps it at the top of my task list. It looks kind of like this:

Kenneth Funk,
Thank you for your response. I hadn’t thought of using Tasks but I’ve now tested it and it does what I want. Thanks again.

Re the “Policies note”, I use the task lists / folder setup with Template tasks to remind me of such things.
You can search the tasks for eg, just as a suggestion :slight_smile: Template in the name.

Thank you for your reply. Tasks certainly seems to be the way to go.