Fan Chart size issue

Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can get the new fan chart to print over say four sheets of A4 that I can join together?
It’s impossible to read the print on 1 sheet of A4 !

Thank you

I just tried to achieve that.
I saved the fan chart to PDF, then chose to print the PDF to my old HP Laserjet 1020 printer.
Instead of accepting the default size I chose Poster in the Paper Size and Handling section.
The result was the fan chart printing in four sections on 4 A4 pages.
However trimming the pages to stick them together would need to be very careful.

Another option would be to save the fan chart to PDF, then take the PDF on a USB stick to a local printing service that could print the chart on larger paper, eg A3 or A2.

It seems that your printer can only handle A4 or smaller paper, not poster.

Your overlap for trimming is set at 5/1000 of an inch, (0.127 mm), you probably need to make it a little larger so you can properly trim the pages.

Thank you Ray I will give it a go