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I would like to know what are the advantages of automatching one’s database. Often times my people automatch without any action on my own other than opening the dialog screen. When I first installed RM8 I chose to automatch to FS with my large database of over 282,000 individuals. It took 4 days for the process to complete resulting in 190,449 total matched and 87,896 not matched.

Since it was such a slow process to edit my database in RM8, after 3 weeks of spending over 40 hours per week editing in RM8, I exported a gedcom and went back to version 7. Now I am noticing that as I edit and compare with FamilySearch matches are being marked without my clicking the check box next to the name.

Now I am wondering if any information is going from my database to FamilySearch if I click on the box but do not purposefully chose the options to share data.

Based upon my experience with the Share tab with RootsMagic and FamilySearch, if you click next to the box of a fact and then you do not select an option to share data, no data will be shared.

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I used AutoMatch and the program told me, “AutoMatched 8 people”. How do I find out which people were automatched, so I can add data if necessary?
With TreeShare for Ancestry you can see icons which show if there is a difference in data, but not with FamilySearch.

Using RM8 in the FamilySearch, click on the share data tab, then you will see an name index list on the left panel. A filter option is at the top of the name list with several filter options. If you select “People Matched to Family Search”, only the matched entries will be filtered and display allowing you to selectively copy fact data in either direction.

@Dickie268 To find which profiles are matched to FamilySearch:

Then you compare data by eye

In addition to the red circle in Marshtown’s screenshot, one can also double-click the Status item with the blue square shown as Matched (9137) to open the FamilySearch Person Tools for comparison.

Thanks for your replies. It doesn’t look as if RM8 can show which people have been “automatched” as opposed to manually matched. In my case 8 people were “automatched” and RM8 tells me, “FamilySearch has new information for 708 of your people”. The 700 I already knew about, it’s the 8 new matches that I wanted to find.