Family view not showing christening/burial in place of birth/death

Family view in RM7 used to show christening or burial dates in the child list if there was no birth or death date entered (as is the case for most of my British ancestors, as birth and death dates were not usually recorded). This shows on RM8 if you have the details tab engaged in the left window, but not at all otherwise. So each child has to be clicked into to see their dates, which is time-consuming.

Is there a setting to turn this on? I seem to recall there was one in RM7 somewhere.


It doesn’t answer your question but I get around not having birth and death dates by using the ‘bef’ and ‘aft’ prefixes, therefore I always have a birth and death date if I have a baptism and burial date. If I don’t have a baptism then I use ‘abt’ based upon other information such as census or marriage for the birth.


This needs to be added to the list of RM7 features that are not in RM8.


With some of the missing features it is more evident why they are not there yet - mostly because they are separate “systems” that were Win only and have to be made OS independent - such as County Check and Spellcheckers. With items such as substituting Chr or Bu dates for birth and death it is harder to understand why they are missing.
That said I don’t use them anyway as I use Baptism dates and they were never pulled across as substitutes.


Closed: addressed in version