Fact about a person is in red, crossed out

Fact about a person is in red, crossed out. What causes this?

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explains. it! Thanks.

I have see this occur for unknown reasons – I have not been able to reproduce it on demand - not sure if a keyboard shortcut causes it or because the default layout of had proof had the next option in the layout. It happens to me maybe once every month or two.


Each of the facts for a person can have the PROOF item (in the side panel of the edit person window) unmarked or marked as either “Proven”, “Disproven”, or “Disputed”. Whenever the last two of these options is used the fact item shows red in the edit person window and the text is struck out.

This is a useful feature that allows, for example, an incorrect alternate birth date (including its source) to be recorded in the fact record but marked as not correct when its error has been proven.

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