Extracting and Merging Individuals Between Two Databases

I appreciate this community and have learned so much already.

I have two databases (let’s call them DB1 and DB2) that contain similar individuals. When I use the Compare feature, I see about 50+ people who are in DB1 but NOT in DB2. I understand that some of them aren’t merging due to name differences, but there are others who are either new or missing from DB1.

Is there an easy way to extract those individuals from DB2 so I can merge them into DB1?

Thanks in advance.

It depends on your definition of “easy”.

You can drag and drop particular individuals or a collection of individuals from one database to another. If you wanted to do something like dragging and dropping all ancestors of John Doe or all descendants of John Doe from one database to another, then that’s easy. The problem in your case is that it doesn’t look like there is a simple criterion for for choosing which people to drag and drop. You likely would need to do the choosing manually, and so you might need to do lots of little drag and drops rather than one big one.

I was afraid you were going to say that. :slight_smile:

So this is a job for ChatGPT. I’m going to give it a copy of each GedCOM and see how it solves the problem. I’ll report back if I find a prompt that works.

Just a thought here Jerry-- could @taanderud somehow color code the 50 people in the first database? Maybe make a list of the names and make a group then color code or just color code then drag and drop the color coded list to the 2nd database? Would require a clean up and attaching people in the 2nd group BUT ?

Sure, it’s possible. The only question would be whether it would be necessary to color code each person one at a time, or whether it would be possible to color code in batches of family groupings. It’s hard to know for sure without actually having a copy of the two databases. The underlying limitation is that the Compare tool will not color code or make a group based on the individuals it finds to be different.

What would be nice in the “Compare File” function is the ability to “link” people that the function thinks are different people but are really the same person.

What I would like is that before the merge takes place, it pops up a window with who it matched and who it thinks matches (using some fuzzy logic) and whose left. Then I could agree to the match or delete the person from the merge.

This has been a challenge for the AI.

What it was able to do was compare the GedCOM and create a resulting GedCOM that only had those not in the larger file. This at least cut the file down to 50 people. I was able to eyeball about 20 and delete them from the file.

So 30ish is manually manageable. The problem is that it lost the relationships since it only was keeping the missing person.

I may ask it to keep a spouse, father, or child so I have a “hook”.