Exhibits attached to person or events

I noticed that when imported from TMG, all my exhibits were attached to the person, such as marriage and death certificates.

should I also attach (or move) them to the specific event instead? advantages or disadvantages?


It’s probably advantageous to have the evidence closest to the fact it supports and it’s probably advantageous to have all the media for that person’s whatevers readily accessible and now it is in v9 with the Album for a person.

Are you sure none of your media is tagged to a source or citation? They trigger no media icon inthe Edit Person screen.

I now know what you are referring to. Except for the 2 or 3 that I played with, none of media are tagged to a citation or source.

Are there any advantages to doing so?

There is logic that a media item which represents evidence that is cited should be tagged to the source or citation, whichever is the more closely aligned. In RM9, that could be one media tag despite multiple citations or multiple uses of a citation. If you tag it to the events to which the source is used, you could have multiple media tags to make but the media will be more accessible.

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If I want to copy the citation to another person (for example, census or residence), then I like to attach the media to the citation so it also travels to the new person.

TomH. Tagging media to the source or citation won’t display with the event being cited, right?

GailG. Good point, I guess I have to add another item to my to do list.


Right. There is no indication in the Edit Person window (other than the that the citation or source has media tagged to it other than drilling down to find it. I think @thejerrybryan recently illustrated the loss of visibility even in the Media View recently added to the Edit Person window compared to RM7. Even then, people chose to tag their source or citation media to the fact/event also to make them more accessible.

Yes, Media view in RM8 and RM9 does not follow the media through a citation all the way down to the person or fact to which the citation is attached. You need to follow the media down to the citation and then switch over to the citation to follow it down to the person or fact.