Error Deleting Media Tags

Windows 10, RM 64 bit

I have an 1840 Census fact with two media tags. The Slide In Workflow is enabled. I click on the Media icon for the fact which takes me into the Slide in Workflow for the media gallery for the 1840 Census fact. I delete the leftmost of the two media tags. There remains one media tag still highlighted but the filename is still the one I deleted. I delete it again as many times as I wish and it doesn’t go way. I back out of the Slide In Workflow and then go into the Slide in Workflow again. This time, the other media file is there and can be deleted successfully.

The error is what is displayed on the screen after the first delete. The media tag was deleted correctly but the screen was not updated correctly. Video of Length 0:52

Added: Minor correction. I watched the video a couple more times. The second time I tried to delete the media tag that wouldn’t delete, the file name changed from the incorrect p69b to the correct p69a for the file that remained undeleted. But it still couldn’t be deleted until I backed out of the Slide In Workflow and then re-entered the Slide In Workflow.

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Confirming issue has been reported to development.

I have experienced issue very similar as you reported – its like a refresh delay.
Similar if you do from the main Media Gallery. Edit Media can have similar results.