Enabled Family Search Hints But They No Longer Come Up

I use RM 9. I’m an old user of RM, going back to RM 7. Starting two weeks ago, the Family Search yellow light bulbs no longer appear where they used to. I checked to see if FS Hints were enabled, and they are. Note: The last time I used RM 9 was in November or December 2023. Just too busy. I’m wondering what might be wrong.
I have tried searching Help and this Community for ideas, but found nothing.
Thanks for your ideas.

Do you have the latest version of RM 9 installed that supports the new OAuth login requirements?

I do have that! I finally figured out what was wrong early this evening. I needed to click that Family Search icon! This was new for me.
Thank you so very much for responding! I’m all set!
Happy Spring!

For the FamilySearch WebHints to appear you need to be logged into FamilySearch first. Must be done each session. Go to Publish, and click on FamilySearch Central to login.