Empty Ancestry Gallery

The best thing to do is compare the media items to determine which ones are missing in the download. That would give us an idea of what’s happening.

Thanks, Renee.

Seems to be random - the missing files don’t appear to have a pattern (they’re just dotted around) or relate to a particular type of record.
With RM7 it seemed to be the user provided media files which got lost.
With RM8 all the user provided media files appear to be present.

Happy to send you the project file and the two Media directories if that would help.


What particular type of record are you seeing missing?

As I say, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern in what is missing.

Anybody have any thoughts on this ?

I’ve upgraded to RM8, which was supposed to work, but doesn’t.

So, as things stand, the program won’t do what I need it to do.
I tried the RM Helpdesk, which was a waste of time.
So where do I go from here ?

When you upgraded, did you install RM8 and import the database from one of the import options?

Could you elaborate on that please. It works fine.

What exactly do you want it to do that it isn’t doing? - and how do you know if it isn’t working?

Your post is not exactly very helpful if you are looking for help.

Thanks for getting back to me, guys.

If you read the chain of posts to do with this query, everything is explained.
I first posted looking for help on 22 September.