Duplicate person name with dupe parents

If I delete a duplicate person and her parents (delete family), will it affect the other same person and the other same parents?

Sounds like you need to determine if you have duplicate people or duplicate links. If you have duplicate people deleting one makes the other disappear too. Go to Settings, General Settings and under “Number to display” select RIN. If the record numbers (RINs) are the same then you have duplicate links you need to remove, not people. If the record numbers are different then it’s best to merge the duplicate people.

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Many thanks, Renee!
An update to problem: the duplicate person is a daughter listed under father and first wife. Then this same daughter got listed as the daughter of same father and father’s second spouse. I deleted this daughter from the father and his 2d spouse.
I think im good. I’ll keep your response as a reference!

By the way, does “duplicate links” mean “parents”?

Duplicate link can be on any relationship, parent, spouse or child. If you use the Info Box, at the top of the sidebar, you can determine if there are multiple links to the same person and unlink them from the 3 dot menu next to their names. Being able the view the RINs next to their name helps you determine that.