Deleting duplicate spouses

Still struggling to figure out how to delete second spouse, wrong spouse or duplicate spouse. There has got to be an easier way to do this other than deleting the whole person and starting over!

Every tabbed view has a Spouses: button in the upper left pane (to the right of Details and Parents: buttons). Clicking that Spouses: button shows a listing of Spouses within that same pane… for the person “highlighted” in the right-hand pane. There are three vertical dots (to open a drop-down menu) to the right of each spouse name. Edit , Unlink , and Delete.

Settings->General Settings->Number to display->RIN
needs to be enabled for duplicate spouses because there are two possibilities

  1. one spouse with same RIN has been linked twice (just unlink)
  2. two spouses (with same name) but different RINs are separately each linked (consider merge, unlink or delete)

Thanks that helped. Still and forever learning.