Download updated versions - Mac

As I don’t think I’ve ever been able to simply click on the Update version from the Home screen when a new Mac update as become available II was wondering if anyone ever has managed to do so?
For the latest 8.1.3 it looked like it successfully downloaded, although I couldn’t see where it might have done so but nothing then happened.
So I went back to the alternate download link to get the latest version and instal it - successfully.
Is this just me?
MacBookPro running Catalina

This has always worked for me, starting from the beta in January. The download happens as stated, RM8 closes and the downloaded DMG - disk image - file is opened. All one has to do is drag the RM8 icon in the subsequently exposed disk image window into the Applications folder and then start RM8.

The only oddity is that there is an error pop-up complaining something along the lines of being unable to open something - I forget quite what - that you can ignore and just use the close option on the pop-up. (I reported this long ago during the beta, but it still happens.) If you don’t close this small window, it just stays there, causing no apparent problem.

I’m using Big Sur but was on Catalina earlier when on the beta.

I wonder if you have some security setting in MacOS or an add-on that is stopping RM being able to open the disk image mounter? Can you see the progress of the download step and does it appear to download the whole file?

Edit: sorry, I see that your download completed. In the beta days, the downloaded files went into my Downloads folder within my “User name” folder and the latest download is there now.

Thanks JP1.
I have wondered if there’s a pop up hidden behind somewhere - but have never managed to find it.
and no, the apparently completed download does not appear in my default downloads folder, or anywhere I’ve managed to find it via a search in Finder.
No known additional MacOS add-ons.
So currently one of life’s computer mysteries.
Nowhere near the top of my worry list though - and progress is being made (8.1.3 finally allowed me to save a copy to Dropbox Apps to get my database onto my ipad mini)

Always works for me under Big Sur and, latterly, under Monterey

  1. use mission control to see all open windows and check for a leftover RM8 one.
  2. RM8 updates are clunky hit or miss affairs on my catalina mac. The last one caused an access violation error.
  3. check your browser settings for popups to be sure they are allowed. Perhaps you are not using Safari but a lesser browser like Firefox or “shudder” Chrome.