Divorced spouse showing on Pedigree Chart

I have a divorced spouse showing on the Pedigree Chart rather than the current spouse. On RM7 it showed the current spouse on this chart which saves a lot of issues when others see chart. I can’t seem to get the current spouse to be the one showing on the chart… any help appreciated.

Is the person that you are finding this issue with, also the “start person” on the Pedigree Chart report?

If so, the way I get around this issue is to ensure that the spouse that you would like to display in the report is also the one that is displaying in the Family or Pedigree Views on the People Pages.

To select the “right” spouse go to the Family View then, from the Side Details panel, select which spouse you would like in the report (refer screen shot below). Click on them and ensure they, and any family they might have had, is now showing in the family view.

Return to the reports and reselect the Pedigree Chart and hopefully the “right” spouse is now showing! :grinning:


Individuals in RM with more than one spouse always have a “current” spouse in RM. The “current” spouse is the one that shows up in Family View, Pedigree View, and in Pedigree Charts. There is no explicit command or option to set a person’s “current” spouse. Rather, in previous versions of RM you just got the couple together in Pedigree View or Family View and RM then made them each other’s “current” spouse. You could create your Pedigree Chart at that point.

But there appears to be no reliable way to accomplish this task in Family View or Pedigree View in RM8 if both individuals in the couple have additional spouses. The only reliable way in RM8 to make a couple be each other’s “current” spouse is to highlight them in Couple View. You can then run your Pedigree Chart.


Thank you problem solved, this worked perfectly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for this, things are different for sure in RM8 - I just tried the solution in the first answer that came back and it did work. I will keep your solution as well in case further issues arise. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I first posted my answer, the Side Panel solution did not seem to work to set the “current” spouse when the spouses had other spouses. That problem now seems to be fixed. But the use of Couple List View to set the “current” spouse also seems always to work.

Thanks Jerry appreciate your follow up, I am finding it works now.